Chinaposters — The Cultural Revolution

Evolving Modernization Viewed in China’s Political Posters
based on
Jon Sigurdson’s Collection of Posters 1963-1983

Monkey king battle.

“Monkey King” or as it is also known “Journey to West,” is one of the renowned classical Chinese novels dating back some four hundred years ago. Chairman Mao often talked about the good example of the Monkey King, citing “his fearlessness in thinking, doing work, striving for the objective and extricating China from poverty”.

Eyewitness of the Cultural Revolution

Professor Jon Sigurdson’s superb collection of Chinese political posters includes some 1,200 posters plus duplicates, acquired over the period from 1962 through to 1983.

These decades encompass an era of great internal change, during which China was almost closed to the outside world. In the 1960s, Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution questioned and rejected much of China’s own cultural past as well as influences from abroad. The posters depict not only the impact and ideals of the Cultural Revolution, but also a society’s developing confidence in the role technology could play in modernisation. 

Comments and More Information

We are happy to present 隋琪 (Sui Qi) as a new contributor with comments and more information both in 中文 and English for the following posters:

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A small selection of the posters, grouped by general subject

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Dazhai — Modernization of agriculture and rural areas.

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Daqing — Industrialization under harsh conditions.

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Industrial development.

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Transportation and automation.

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Military affairs.

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Education and Science.