Poster 311-61-61

Poster 311-61-61.

Accelerating to realize science modernization

Personal Comments

The name of this poster is “Accelerating to realize science modernization”. In this poster, some researchers were busy working energetically in a lab (looks like a chemistry lab), and around them there were many modern electronic Instruments. This poster should be public in end of Cultural Revolution or after it. It is well known that science knowledge and traditional culture was ignored even cast away during Cultural Revolution. At that time, CCP started to consider the wrong policy in cultural and science and try to fix it.

In Chinese history, science had been ignored in hundreds years, and in traditional Chinese value, cultural was much more important than science and technology. But in lowest point of Chinese history – end of Qing dynasty, more and more Chinese leader believed that China was so weak because China hadn’t modern science and technology. After Qing dynasty was overthrown, both government and people paid much more attention for modern science and technology. In 1930s and 1950s, there were two peaks of science development. Especially in 1950s, China got the real peace and unity after so many years of warfare, and many scientist and experts came back to China to devote themselves into Chinese developing. In 1950s, many scientific researches in China were very beyond in all over the world for example research of artificial insulin. The dream of super country in science and technology would be realized at that time.

But Cultural Revolution broke down this dream. It was named “Cultural Revolution” because it started with criticize for Chinese traditional value, and Chairman Mao wanted revolution new value to replace traditional one. In Mao’s view, revolution was much more important than science technology, and traditional culture was almost noting. In his permission, all students stopped their study to criticize non-revolution value. At that time, the examination for university was canceled instead of a recommendation system. The standard of recommendation was not the score of your class instead of your honest for CCP. As well as many scientists except some top expert for nuclear and satellite, were forced to stop their research instead of to restudy revolution theory. Most old scientists have the experience of “living in cowshed”, because they lived in worn-out room as same as cowshed to clear their non-revolution idea. Some famous scientists and writers suicide by this shame because they should been respect in traditional Chinese value.

Until now, many old tutors of mine think it is a tragic experience for them when they talked it with me. And until now, community theory is also a very important course for all students from primary students to PhD candidate. But many teachers think it is waste time for students so they permit students copy papers from Internet to pass it, especially for older students. In my PhD candidate, I had never seen my teacher of community theory, and major of community theory is the worst one to get a good job in most university now.

During Cultural Revolution, west countries including Japan came into “golden decade” of science and technology, and the gap between China and these countries became bigger much. And in 1970s, rise of “Four little dragons in Asia “(South Korea, Tai Wan, Hong Kong and Singapore) make China started to fix their policy about science and technology. New leader after Cultural Revolution, Deng Xiaoping, speak a famous words “Science and technology are primary productive forces”. From 1980, spring of science and technology in China came back and now all Chinese people are sharing benefits of science and technology.

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