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We sell electronic versions of the posters, suitable for print or web publishing. Also, you can buy printed versions.

Buy Electronic Poster

File Formats

The poster scans are made from the original slides at 5444x4000 pixels or new scans at 300 dpi. The original scans are stored in TIFF format 16 bits of colour, Adobe RGB colour space. The files are about 50 to 300 Megabytes each.

All originals require post-editing in for best publishing quality. We will happily do the following post-editing: cropping, colour level adjustment, and colour profile conversion, all included in the purchase price.

You can of course do the editing yourself if desired. However, do not order the original unedited files if you are not experienced in colour editing and colour profile conversion.


Some scans are made from photos of wall mounted posters with both spotlight and daylight lightning in 1978. (I.e. the scans have not been made by scanning the original posters with a professional drum scanner.) This means that the following points may have to be considered:

  • The colour and white point is not even over the whole picture.
  • The scans are not calibrated to any colour or lightning standard.
  • There may be reflections in glossy areas of the posters.
  • There may be slight geometric distortions.

If we determine that the quality issues make the poster you have ordered unsuitable for publication, we will inform you of that fact. You will of course not be billed if the poster is unsuitable for publication.

Order Printed Posters from

Mail us at for details.

Note that single prints in poster size are quite expensive, due to setup costs. We suggest that you order at least 10 or 100 prints to keep the per copy cost down.

Order process

To order electronic copies of one or more posters:

  1. Send us an email at
  2. State the poster number(s) from the catalogue, and the title if available.
  3. State if you require any special file format or colour profile. The standard format will otherwise be TIFF file, cropped, at full scan resolution in Adobe RGB.
  4. If you are located within the European Union, include your company VAT registration number. If no VAT number is given we will have to add 25 percent VAT tax on orders within the EU. (Only applies to orders with the European Union.)
  5. We will check the quality of the scans, and inform you if they are not suitable.
  6. You will receive a Paypal invoice from OSYSTEM AB, the company hosting the web site.
  7. When we have received payment, you will receive a download link for the poster file(s).
  8. The files will be available for download for 7 days.

Allow up to 5 workdays for order processing. Please note the download files are 50-300 Megabytes and will require take a long time to download on a slow Internet connection.


  • The cost is 50 Euros per picture per web site, or magazine publication.
  • 25 percent VAT will be added within EU if you do not provide a VAT registration number with your order.


If you have any questions, mail us at or call +46 46 37 01 24 12-17 afternoon Central European Time.