Poster 312-19-99

Poster 312-19-99.

Receiving the Bride (Tractor)

Personal Comments

The name of this poster is Receiving of the Bride, and it looks like an image of traditional Chinese bridal ceremony many people handing with red flags were exciting to welcome the coming of bride in a small boat. But if you look this poster carefully, you cant find the bride in the boat instead of a tractor. Of course you think that tractor was part of the dowry of bride, but it is a poster during Cultural Revolution so it was impossible to only show a happy bridal ceremony in a public poster.

First of all, posters during Cultural Revolution were impossible absolutely to show any private happy things without any relations with revolution, for example only a happy bridal ceremony, otherwise they would be forbidden to public because they tried to propagate those rotten bourgeois ways of life. Almost all posters in Cultural Revolution had red flags and the word or meaning of revolution, and if you do anything not for revolution only for yourself, you would be criticized by your friends and family.

In decade of Cultural Revolution, all clothes had only two colors: army green and worker blue, because colorful clothes mean you were decayed by the bourgeois way of life; all clothes had only one style: famous Chinese tunic suit, named Zhong Shan style in China, which was designed by Premier Sun Yat-sen, the man over the emperor history of China, because other styles were not enough revolution; all movies and operas were forbidden to show except 8 revolution stories, and all songs would praise for Chairman Mao and CCP. It is creasy thought by current young man that you could only watch 8 movies in 10 years again and again, but it was true at those years.

Second, at that time, a tractor was impossible to be a private property, so it could not to be show as the dowry of brides family. In middle of Cultural Revolution, all countryside villages was changed to many Communes a big village became a commune and some small villages merged into a commune. All fields and tools did not belong to persons instead of to commune, and it was said that commune could show completely the advantage of socialism, which had been proved by Soviet Communes. But because Chinese Communes hadnt clear and efficient management system, they didnt show too many advantages but to show many disadvantages, for example, a labor doing few works could get same salary with one doing many works, or a female labor could not get more salary even she did more works than a male labor. After Cultural Revolution, commune system was stopped and village system came back, but until now old man always say village as Commune.

Therefore, the meaning of this poster is not to show a happy bridal ceremony, I believe that the tractor is just the bride. In fact this poster tried to show that the people were welcoming a tractor as a bride, and it was just the most popular view in Cultural Revolution Giving traditional ceremony as a new revolution meaning this view is also accepted and often used by current China media, for example CCTV, to show the great and difference of CCP China.

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