Work in Progress

In this first draft catalogue, we present approximately 90% of the total collection. (The online catalogue is more or less complete up to poster number 954.)

Please note that this is a work in progress, and that most pictures have been automatically edited. The quality may therefore be a bit short of perfect. Also, the colour balance may be off on the automatically processed pictures.

Click on the submenus above see the posters sortered by number.

Numbering Scheme

The posters are numbered xxx-yyyy-zzzz or xxx-yyyy-zzzz-tttt.

xxx is the storage case, yyyy is the number in the case, zzzz is the unique sequence number in the collection, and tttt is the year (if present).

“Comic” Books

The catalogue also contains covers of a number of comic books from the period. (The book index number is prefaced with “comic”.)