Below we have collected a few suggested web resources for further study of Chinese posters.

Please let us know if you have any further suggestions.

Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages

Stefan Landsberger

This site is dedicated to the Chinese propaganda poster as it has been produced from 1949 till the present day. Stefan Landsberger has been collecting these Chinese political posters for many years, and he has a collection of some 1,500 titles, spanning five decades of Chinese poster production.

The Chairman Smiles

International Institute of Social History (based on the Stefan Landsberger collection)

The former Soviet Union, Cuba, and China: three countries where posters played an important political role and received a large amount of artistic attention. This is a selection of 145 political posters, famous masterpieces as well as equally beautiful but unknown examples drawn from the collection of the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam.

China Posters Online

University of Westminster

The University of Westminster Chinese Poster Collection is a unique archival collection of some five hundred posters spanning the period between the late 1960s and the late 1980s. John Gittings, then Senior Lecturer of the Chinese Se ction, began the collection in 1979 as the China Visual Arts Project for research and teaching purposes.

Picturing Power:
Posters of the Cultural Revolution

Huntington Archive, Ohio State University (based on the University of Westminster collection)

Features Cultural Revolution posters from the University of Westminster Centre for the Study of Democracy, U.K. -approximately 10% of collection. This traveling exhibition was organized by the Indiana University School of Fine Arts Gallery and East Asian Studies Center in collaboration with the University of Westminster and was shown at The Ohio State University from October 6 - October 22. 1999. Contains 74 images with didactic text. Includes Chinese characters.

Buy printed posters from Artemoto

Artemoto has a subset of the Chinaposters collection available for purchase in their web shop