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Poster comic005.
comic005 Jie Zhenguo (movie- soldier hero)
Poster comic006.
comic006 Secret Drawings (movie- detective story)
Poster comic007.
comic007 Wang Jie — Good Solder of Chairman Mao
Poster comic008.
comic008 Story of Liberation Army Exercises
Poster comic010.
comic010 The White Haired Girl (modern model opera)
Poster comic011.
comic011 Di Qing Dressed in Uniform in Blowing Storm (classical theme)
Poster comic012.
comic012 Yang Zaixing — One of General Yue’s famous commanders (classical theme)
Poster comic013.
comic013 China’s Scientists of Ancient Times, Vol. 1
Poster comic014.
comic014 China’s Scientists of Ancient Times, Vol. 2
Poster comic015.
comic015 Chasing — Following Footprints (movie — detective story)
Poster comic016.
Poster comic021.
comic021 All your heart for the Revolution (movie — soldier hero)
Poster comic031.
comic031 Detachment Crossing Yangtze River (fighting agains the KMT, first printed in 1955)
Poster comic041.
comic041 The Red Flower of Tianshan (in Xinjiang, model opera)